Operating Responsibly

We are committed to creating a safe gambling environment for all our existing and future customers. We offer our customers industry-leading support tools and services and closely monitor potential issues with our leading technology offering.

How Responsible Gambling Fits into Strategy

Our customers trust us to provide them with an enjoyable online gambling experience in a safe, secure, fair and responsible environment. They choose Super Group’s brands because they enjoy the social experiences of sports and gaming, as well as the freedom and thrill of following their instincts.

Our customers can easily access the latest information about gambling responsibly and resources to seek help for gambling-related issues within our applications and on our sites. Super Group has integrated with national systems, such as Gamstop in the U.K., which enables those customers experiencing issues to exclude themselves across all operators in the market.

We also proactively conduct behavioral analysis on our customers to detect potential patterns of problematic play. Our software allows us to look at a wide range of customer metrics in real-time, identifying those who are most at risk and enable our thoroughly trained Customer Care Teams to make early interventions where issues may exist.

We work hard to keep our safer gambling programs in line with the latest technology available. We support a range of organizations directly involved in dealing with problem gambling and the issues that can arise from it.

Safer Gambling

We have also integrated a suite of safer gambling tools – a reality check, deposit limit, take-a-break, self-exclusion and more – to help customers who wish to control their play.

  • Deposit limits: A golden rule of gambling is to play within your means. Therefore, to help our customers do just that, they can set deposit limits via their account or by contacting our Customer Care Team. Limits can be set for any period of time to suit their needs.
  • Take a break: There’s nothing wrong with taking a break and our customers can set a break period from anything from 24 hours to six weeks by logging in or by contacting our Customer Care Team.
  • Session reminders: Our customers can set themselves a timer to limit their play. At that point they can choose to keep playing or exit the game.
  • Self-exclusion: If our customers feel they need time to take a step back they have the option to self-exclude and stop gambling with us altogether. Self-exclusion can be applied in periods ranging from six months to five years.

We work hard to keep our safer gambling programs in line with the latest technology available. We support a range of organizations directly involved in dealing with problematic gambling and the issues that can arise from it.

Giving Back – Sport

Our brands have a close relationship with a wide range of sports, including soccer, cricket, and basketball. These relationships extend off the field, where we support a variety of charitable causes.

We have donated significant sums of money to worthy causes over the last few years. A large percentage of these donations have been to charities associated with Safer Gambling.

This year we have set aside another large amount of money to help charities and the people that need it most. Whether that’s connected to the communities around our offices or wider groups that support the causes we care about, including gambling harm.

Up to and including 2021, our global charitable contributions broke through the $2million barrier. These donations included safer gambling charities and organizations while also focusing on causes close to the hearts of the sports teams and tournaments that we partner with.

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Giving Back - Communities

Our colleagues are fully committed to the communities and causes that are close to the offices and industry we operate in. We have had a number of charity partners that we’ve collaborated with over the last few years raising money across many territories. Whether it’s money donated for a cup of coffee from the office barista or a grueling half-marathon, our employees have gone the extra mile.

Our current global charity partners are Code Your Future. Code Your Future are a coding school for refugees and disadvantaged people. Like Betway they believe in a future where everyone has a real opportunity to lead a thriving life. Code Your Future is a non-profit organization that trains refugees and other disadvantaged people to become web developers and helps them to find work in the tech industry. We will be raising funds and donating time, colleague expertise and equipment to Code Your Future over the period of our partnership. Find out more about them here: https://codeyourfuture.io/

Through our many offices and licensees, our colleagues also have the opportunity to focus on local causes, with projects including upskilling sports coaches, promoting disability sports and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Sustainability Measures

We recognize the increasing severity of the risks posed by climate change. We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.

Modern Slavery Statement

We have policies in place that operate to protect the public. One of the risks these policies address relates to the deterring of modern slavery and human trafficking in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.